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Get ready to board our NAIAD – headed to The Murion Islands. A half hour trip in our extremely fast and comfortable 4WD of the ocean.

The Murion Islands are a half hour trip in our extremely fast and comfortable NAIAD (hailed as the 4WD of the ocean). The Murion Islands Marine Management Reserve protects one of the regions most spectacular underwater wilderness areas and the water surrounding these two uninhabited islands is teeming with marine life. You can encounter turtles, fish, humpback whales (June – November), manta rays and a variety of stunning corals.Warm tropical waters and white sandy beaches alive with marine life await just a short trip from Bundegi but seemingly a world away. Snorkel over pristine coral gardens, soak up some northwest sunshine and marvel at the variety of marine wildlife to observe in its unspoilt, natural habitat.


  • Morning tea provided
  • Snorkel gear provided
  • Max 10 pax
  • BYO lunch to pop in the onboard eski (ready made rolls/sandwiches recommended)
  • Departures are subject to min #s and weather

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