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Swim with Whale Sharks

Ningaloo Discovery delivers an all-inclusive, ECO-certified experience, where you swim with whale sharks in Exmouth. 

Swimming alongside these gentle giants is an unforgettable experience on its own, but the adventure doesn’t stop there! 

On our award winning tours, you could even find yourself swimming alongside a majestic manta ray or interacting with a humpback whale. As you snorkel the renowned Ningaloo reef, you’ll encounter vibrant, tropical fish and corals. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled as the vessel makes way! You could spot a turtle, dolphin or dugong surfacing to say hello. 

The 2024 SEASON is here and filling up quickly!  

We recommend booking in advance as far as possible so you don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime experience!

Join us aboard a Luxury Catamaran or Powerboat for a once in a lifetime Whale Shark experience on the Beautiful, World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Reef, just off Exmouth!

Parks and Wildlife chose us to operate in the first ever in water Humpback Whale Interaction Tours conducted from the World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Marine Park.

Check out our incredible range of snorkel tours, get a close up view of the stunning wildlife at Ningaloo Reef.

Enjoy a couple of hours coasting along under sail onboard our luxury stable 60ft sailing catamaran Windcheetah.

Humpback Whale Interaction Tours


August – November

It is Humpback Highway here on the Ningaloo Reef! Pods of humpback whales and their playful calves are sighted here daily. Ningaloo Discovery gives you the opportunity of a lifetime to experience swimming alongside these graceful mammals on our all inclusive, ECO certified Humpback Whale Swim Tours aboard our beautiful sailing catamaran.

Why Choose Ningaloo Discovery?

So you’re ready to take the plunge and swim with the biggest fish in the ocean… why book with us?

At Ningaloo Discovery, our Whale Shark License was awarded to us. That’s right, we didn’t buy the rights to provide you with this experience, we earned it!

Jasmine JamesJasmine James
10:57 18 Oct 23
My friend and I just had the best day swimming with whale sharks with Ningaloo Discovery. The all female crew were all absolutely incredible; so kind, welcoming and really knowledgeable about the reef/sharks. We were kept well fed and watered with a buffet lunch and snacks inbetween. The patience and determination of the crew to ensure we got to see and swim with the shark should not be understated. They really are top notch and it wouldn't have been the same day without them. Would 100% recommend to anyone. Thanks again!
Julian TaglieriJulian Taglieri
12:56 06 Oct 23
The tour was amazing. Very knowledgeable guides and well organised tour!
04:06 06 Oct 23
Perfect experience - they kindly moved me out by a day due to my son not feeling well. So only I made it, and given being a non swimmer the crew - Gloria Holly Kristy and China (the skipper) they all did everything to have a great experience of swimming with a whale shark. Highly highly recommended
Teun SchrikkemaTeun Schrikkema
06:44 03 Oct 23
Everyone, Ningaloo Discovery is the company you are looking for between all the tour operators in Exmouth! Me and my friends did the Whaleshark swimming tour and it was one of the best days of our lives. The crew (Tash, Lauren, Liv, China and one other lovely member) were nothing short of amazing. They made everyone of all ages and fitness levels enjoy the day to their full potential, with great concern for every individual’s needs. They even asked for our opinions on what to do during the final part of the tour, to make sure we all got what we wanted and saw what we wanted to see. When an impressive animal was in sight, they immediately focused on getting us there (which succeeded every time on my tour).They even offer all this for a very competitive price, which is another plus. The food, beverages and gear provided were also great.In short, I would look no further and benefit from the great tours Ningaloo Discovery is offering!
Tom CarrTom Carr
13:05 14 Sep 23
Had some trepidation about using this company as they weren’t so visible on various web searches & research we did in Exmouth. Can forget that now. We had one of the best experiences of our lap with this team. The 4 girls (Liz, Kelsey, Holly & Claudia) were incredible hosts & the whole family had a blast. Not only did we swim with whale sharks but food & transfers were also excellent. Can’t recommend highly enough. Many thanks!
James RansleyJames Ransley
08:29 03 Aug 23
Today we had the absolute pleasure of touring with Ningaloo Discovery. It was very clear that the crew love what they do and their enthusiasm was contagious! We were able to swim with the only whale shark around on the day and enjoyed the beautiful food and a cheeky glass of bubbles before being returned to our accommodation. Would highly recommend this crew as they were fun, professional and just super great to have around. 5/5 experience for us, THANKS LEGENDS!!!!!
Georgia CarterGeorgia Carter
09:34 24 Jul 23
The most amazing day.We were late in the season so only got one swim with a whale shark but it was one to remember!The staff tried super hard to get us a second swim unfortunately it didn’t happen but we still had the best time!Saw so many hump back whales and even a southern right whale.Would definitely recommend this tour company, the staff were super passionate and knowledgeable!
Elisa ChanElisa Chan
04:24 06 Jun 23
Ningaloo Discovery is a great whale shark tour operator, respecting the marine encounter guidelines and rules. The briefings were detailed for the beginners, but still succinct for the more experienced.All the staff were thoughtful, kind, and passionate about their craft. Each worked together to make for a really enjoyable day on the water. The photos shared were also of excellent quality with the photographer working hard to ensure we all got our photo with a whale shark (at least all who attempted to keep up with the animal).The Marlin board also had a ladder for those who needed a different mode of water exit which was great as upper body strength waned throughout the day.Highly recommend

Ningaloo Sunset Sail Tours

Come aboard our stunning 60ft luxury sailing Catamaran in the late afternoon glow of the Exmouth Gulf!

Join us for a spectacular sundowner!  Enjoy a couple of hours viewing marine life, whale watching (in season) and coasting along under sail on board our luxury stable 60ft sailing catamaran Windcheetah.  Our professional, friendly, qualified crew will take you for a memorable experience.

Exmouth Sunset Sails

Ningaloo Overnight Live-Aboards

Think it can’t possibly get any better than a day spent swimming with Whale Sharks, maybe Manta Rays and hundreds of tropical fish in the warm clear waters of the Ningaloo Reef? How about topping it off by staying the night on the reef?!

Whale Shark Swim & Eco Tour on a Sailing Catamaran

Our Eco Tours which run from August to October guests will have the opportunity to swim with the whale sharks during the shoulder season, when sighted by our spotter plane.

Private Charters & Custom Tours

If Exmouth is just one stop on your travels around Australia, why not plan in advance by checking out some of our favourite tours around the country?

Ningaloo Reef Eco Wildlife Tours

September – November 2023
The Coral Coast of Western Australia is home to an abundance of unique wildlife, full of national parks and reefs ready to be explored all year round. During the whale shark shoulder season (September to November), Ningaloo Discovery operates ECO Wildlife Tours around the Ningaloo Reef, allowing guests to experience the beauty of the reef and all it has to offer each day.

Ningaloo Islands & Exmouth Snorkel Tours

Murion Islands Snorkel Tours

Get ready to board our NAIAD – headed to The Muiron Islands. A half hour trip in our extremely fast and comfortable 4WD of the ocean, exploring the Ningaloo Murion Islands on a Snorkel Tour in Exmouth. 

Ningaloo Snorkelers Drone 1
We would like to respectfully acknowledge the Baiyungu, West Thalanyji and Yinikurtura People as the original custodians of the land and water around us. We pay our respects to the Elders, both past, present and emerging, for they hold the memories, the traditions, and the culture of this land we meet on.