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Humpback Interactions on our Sailing Catamaran

Humpback Whale Swim on a Sailing Catamaran - August, September and October.

Humpback Interactions on our Powerboat

Humpback Whale Swim on a Powerboat - August, September and October.

Humpback Whale Interaction

Ningaloo Discovery is excited to announce that we’ve been selected by the Department of Parks and Wildlife to operate in the first ever in water Humpback Whale Interaction Tours conducted from the World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Marine Park, from Exmouth.

Swimming with a Humpback Whale in their natural environment is an extraordinary life changing experience, one not to be taken for granted, and as such is conducted with the utmost respect to the whales. Each day presents a unique experience, and some whales are more interactive than others. Humpback Whales are very inquisitive creatures and it is quite possible they will seek interaction with humans and swim close to us. Ningaloo Discovery will do absolutely everything possible to have guests swimming in the water with a Humpback Whale!